Water intrusion and moisture entrapment can be the result of many factors.  It can occur as a result caulking adhesion loss or cracking, improper installation or the wrong type of caulking chosen for a particular application.  In some cases, it is a direct result of having no sealant at all. While most building designs are engineered to avoid moisture trapping and provide drainage to some extent, it is important to have adequate knowledge when choosing caulking materials in regards to compatibility with building materials and experience in the application of these products.

The next line of defense behind your building’s siding or cladded finish is the envelope membrane.  This can range from traditional building paper to rolled bitumen and all hybrid membranes in between.  For the most part, your envelope would have originally been installed correctly.  However, minor changes and repairs to your exterior over time often lead to compromised envelope issues that in turn will cause significant damages.

In the temperamental environment of Calgary and surrounding area, your home needs to be able to stand up to the elements.  That is why it is important to trust the professionals who know which products are right for each unique application and the compatibility of materials while understanding the architectural designs, limitations and tolerances of commercial and residential structures.

Whether you require caulking for new construction or you have a property with failed caulking and/or other envelope related issues, we provide services to commercial property owners and builders as well as residential owners. We can provide expertise for all aspects of exterior caulking with a thorough understanding of building design and joint detail, in combination with the expertise in choosing the proper caulking type on a site-specific basis.

Exterior caulking includes window/door perimeters, expansion joints, control joints, structural silicon glazing, as well as concrete slab crack chase and seal, pipe penetration, and various siding/stucco/cladding terminations.   We can be depended on to locate and investigate problem areas and provide a durable solution.

Chances are you’ve spent a good amount of your money on your properties interior, why not preserve the longevity of your interior by ensuring the exterior is in sound condition.

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